A Cow knows about networks

Being a digital cow it  is yet very difficult to understand  digital humans.

A lot of humans are living together on the internet and  yet they are not a close herd. Cows are almost always part of a bigger total, the herd.

A network of humans consists of nodes and the connections. These networks are made visible in graphics like this one here (www.nomadwarmachine.co.uk).


The most important and missing part of the graphics is the time dimension. The network changes over time. People leave and join, and in older existing networks people are left out or it is difficult to join. In human networks people are joining and leaving networks, cows do join at birth and they do not leave the herd. Humans seem to confuse a network of internet connections with living together like cows in the fields. Internet connections are human but they are not human beings.

Yet, I think applying Couldry (2013) ideas on myth creation is relevant here. What we are doing with inhospitable writing, Couldry might say, is co-creating ‘the myth of us’, coming together is seen as links in the network. 

Couldry, N. (2013) A Necessary Disenchantment: myth, agency and injustice in the digital age. In: http://www.lse.ac.uk/publicEvents/events/2013/11/20131121t1830vSZT.aspx

Internet networks are a bit like the professional networks, when you leave the job the network quickly vanishes and what rests is an empty set.

Is internet a bad environment? It is a human environment, with all aspects of  human suffering and joy. Humans need to be careful on the internet, just like they must be careful in daily life.