Young Lettuce

Young lettuce

I can bear anything,
beans withering,
dying flowers, the potatoes
in their corner I can see dig up
stone faced, I am
really hard in that.

But young lettuce in September
just planted, still limp
in wet beds, no.

Rutger Kopland, Dutch Poet 1934-2012

Aunt Cornelia of the Burgeron family and the cow


I was very surprised to see this photo on Because I have seen this picture before.

Do look at the boat and find the cow!

It is amazing, this must be the first Frisian cow to travel the Atlantic to Bovine Country.  I will have to ask some old family members for the story. For I am sure this cow is a member of my family. Oh this is astonishing.

This picture must be more than 100 years old.