Hospitality and being the master of the house #clmooc

hospitalSomeone wrote ” … As Derrida makes explicit, there is a more existential example of this tension, in that the notion of hospitality requires one to be the ‘master’ of the house, country or nation (and hence controlling). His point is relatively simple here; to be hospitable, it is first necessary that one must have the power to host. …”

And again Derrida proves to be wrong in translation, hospitalité (fr Fait de recevoir quelqu’un chez soi gratuitement et avec amabilité.) has a different meaning from hospitable (en). In English it also means receptive and open-minded, welcoming, and it is also about parties and meals. In French it is mainly let someone stay without asking money (sleep and live) under one’s roof. Very close meaning to ‘hospital’.
When sitting on a beach (the train, the grass) and some asked you if it is permitted to occupy the place next to you. Saying yes you are welcome, is hospitality, and you need not own the beach. Hospitality (en) is not in the place it is in the human. (In French it is more about houses and places) In English it is connected to being a good host.

Change color and shape of the #clmooc Map pin


In the 2015 clmooc map

is a list of names and pins. Some pins are colored or have different shapes. How could you do that?

Move your mouse in the list and you will see a tiny image after the name of the pin.


now you will get a pop-up


you could try to find a nice pin (delete pin and add new one is possible)

The option : more icons has a nice feature: add an URL of your own special picture as an icon .

Proposal for a online learning workshop.

Journey on parallel roads.

When a teacher publishes her lecture as a video, she should also publish the text she used for the lecture. Some students like reading more than viewing a talking head.
This is an example of the need of a rich learning environment for online learning.

Learning is a social event

Online learning that fosters student to student  and teacher to student communication is better than your average MOOC with a centralized conception of teaching.  Teaching must be more than distribution of facts and knowledge.

The magic of teaching

In face to face classes sometimes the magic of teaching is rather easy to provide. A good teacher is a kind of magician. The magic is needed because students are motivated by it. Students who experience this magic will have better grades. In online education this magic is not easy.

Learning as an art or learning as skills

Learning is a skill, students need all kind of skills in order to learn better.  Critical skills, analytical skills, etc. In online learning some students need special care in order to acquire these learning skills.

Personalised learning

Computers and edtech makes it possible to open up different opportunities for students. Education should be taylormade.