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You cannot buy creativity. (http://99u.com/articles/7053/why-you-cant-buy-creativity, Mark McGuinness)

Creativity evolves out of habit and training. (http://ericbooth.net/the-habits-of-mind-of-creative-engagement/, Eric Booth)

The Daily Create provides a space for regular practice of spontaneous creativity (http://daily.ds106.us/about/ dr Seuss)

Notice how your mental state changes if you do your assignments and daily creates – who needs a shrink? (theds106shrink.tumblr.com/about Mariana Funes )

Ds106 is #4life (folk wisdom)

Daily Creates are a great way to get your creativity running every day. Just a short 10-20 minute project to get the creative juices flowing. (http://ds106.evanmay.com/misc/9-reasons-the-amish-were-right-about-ds106/ Evan May)

Get crazy and stay creative (http://dogtrax.edublogs.org/2014/03/29/daily-create-get-crazy-and-stay-creative/ Kevin)

Source http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/did-you-do-the-dailycreate-today/

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