Being @annycow #ds106

My twitter handle is @annycow. When I wanted to be Anna Cow on twitter, somebody had already taken the @annacow handle.
On twitter and the internet I am Anna Cow. The #ds106 cow. (ds106 is the digital storytelling uncourse)
It started in the Western episode of #ds106. As a participant one had to choose a persona to join the story. I do not know what made me choose that name Anna Cow, and that persona the Cow. In the story Anna happened to be a Dutch cow, imported to the USA in a ship.
Now the Western106 episode is over (is it really?)  I am a digital cow.
Being a digital cow is like being a person from a story. In the beginnig of the story the persons must be introduced.  After that introduction the persona grows and becomes a person with a history and character.
Sometimes I do ask myself: What would Anna Cow do or say in this situation? And I know what she would have done.
Anna has priorities and preferences in choosing pictures, themes and words.
After all she is a female, a cow. She is a social being, she knows about living in a herd.
Because animals like digital cows are not perceived as dangerous, Anna Cow is regarded as a friendly person. I like the way people communicate with Anna Cow. They do trust Anna and accept her in the digital world.
Everybody is a digital person on the internet, so being Anna Cow is not a lonely life. On twitter nobody knows for sure who really is the person on the avatar.

Author: annacow

Bovine participant of DS106

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